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Overseas possessions are divided into 35 educational districts, or academies, each of which is responsible for all levels of education. France remains a leader in world affairs even though it lost its status as a dominant state after World War II. While it has retained a number of territories, its colonial past is evident chiefly on its streets, in the form of ethnic diversity. France, which has long pushed for economic integration in Europe, now proposes to strengthen the military capabilities of the European Union. The government is also in the midst of reducing its influence over the domestic economy through privatization. The French cultural legacy is apparent throughout the world, from writers, thinkers, and painters to cuisine. France is the most visited country in the world.

France and its overseas possessions are divided into 35 educational districts, or academies, each of which is responsible for all levels of education. Spread throughout the districts is 91 universities, a classification that includes institutes of technology. Since 2002 the government has gradually put into effect the terms of the Bologna Process, even as universities have become more autonomous. The standard undergraduate degree is the three-year License (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree). Students may pursue a master’s degree on either a research track or a professional track. Both require two years of study. A research master’s is required for doctoral studies, which typically last three more years.

What's driving the growth behind Indian students to France?

France is one of the few favorite European countries chosen by Indian students for higher studies. In 2021-22, more than 4,00,000 foreign students opted for higher education in France, out of which 10,000 students were from India.

Rennes Business School has emerged to be one of the best Management Institutes in France for international students© Provided by Free Press Journal. In addition to the technical courses from the top schools like EPITA, ISEP, IMT and various more institutions.

French management universities are at par with UK, USA, Canada?

The country now aims to attract 20,000 Indian students by 2025, targeting most of them to enrol in Business schools and Management Universities in „L‟Hexagone‟. According to the Financial Times‟ last 6 annual rankings; French universities are glued to their spot in the top 25% of the total 100 Masters in Management programmes.

France has been making efforts to not lose its position in the rankings while attracting more Indian students to its B- schools, challenging the already-set countries like the USA, the UK, and Canada.

“The reasons behind the great results come from a high level of theoretical knowledge, along with an emphasis on experiential learning,” said Maud Le Bars, South Asia Area Manager, and Rennes School of Business. She added that it is mandatory for students to take part in at least one of the available student associations for better exposure and professional experience.

Many universities from France have set up their centres in India. Such universities have developed several programs and initiatives catering to more Indian students.

“With the NEP 2020 opening up plenty of knowledge-sharing avenues, we will see more international universities setting up satellite campuses in India. Currently, there are a couple of French universities that have set up campuses in partnership with local Indian universities,” said Nilesh Gaikwad, Country Manager, India, Edhec Business School.

Meanwhile, an Indian student from France shared his experience of pursuing higher studies in the European country. Vishnu Nair, an MSc student from Rennes said, “France has a good standard of living and career growth opportunities in different industries. However, language may be a barrier for some students.”

In recent years, France has witnessed a rise in the number of English-speaking students, and courses with English as their instructional language, making the country a considerate choice for Indian students in the years to come.

Learning European languages now handy for Indians studying abroad With thousands studying in France having to capitalise on what the countries have to offer, especially in the fields of STEM, Management, Art, and Design, knowing the languages provide a personal touch for the students who interact and spend time with the locals in the entirety of their study journey. In the technical courses from the top schools like EPITA, ISEP, IMT and various more institutions.

Learning French more than just a passion Not far behind is the official language of 29 countries on multiple continents, which also prides itself on creating an association of nations based on its very existence, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophone (OIF).French has thrived in India as the go-to language for students who are taking small steps toward the world of linguistics but in today‟s day and age, it has far more value than just being fashionable.

“Students, who learn the language since Class 5 or 7, do it as a hobby but go on to prepare themselves with B1-B2 levels for future opportunities,” stated Khushboo Solanki, a French teacher at Orchids The International School.

Moreover, learning French has become essential in one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for Indian students, Canada.

„Growing Nova Scotia's Francophone Population: An Action Plan for Success (2022-25)' aims to attract French-speaking immigrants to support the existing francophone and Acadian communities, which can have direct benefits for Indian students who enrol in language institutes such as Alliance Francaise.

Though not a necessity, institutions in France have also assured a smooth process for students who might want to take up a second language while being in the country.

"Unlike the traditional study destinations like US, UK, France allows to follow studies comfortably in English medium while giving students a chance to learn on the side a language which would have a great impact on their careers: 50 countries have French as their 1st or 2nd official language. It‟s a great skill to add to one‟s profile, though not required to join a course or obtain visa provided that it is 100% in English," said Maud Le Bars, South Asia Area Manager, Rennes School of Business. But things can get tricky according to Indian students, if they don't know the basics of the language.

"Language is a big concern for students who don't speak French. The French take pride in their language and its distinctiveness which can make students second guess their plans to study in France," stated Vishnu Nair, an MSc student in International Luxury and Brand Management.

A newer entrant stepping up Another language that has gained increasing popularity among students, which goes hand in hand with the country‟s recognition as a primary study destination, is Italian.

There are various ways in which the language has gained increasing recognition, according to Federica Maria Giove, the director of Uni-Italia India, which aims to promote Italian higher education programmes and assist students and researchers in their academic journey to Italian universities.

“The Italian Cultural Centre organizes several courses that students can register for. Moreover, students can attend the online certified classes offered by the Italian lecturer at Mumbai University,” stated Federica.

France has once again proved to have the best economical position in Europe

Paris is the number one student city for the fourth consecutive year, according to the British organization QS Top Universities, based on categories including university rankings, student mix, desirability, employer activity and affordability.

The Economist's Global Liveability Report, Numbeo's indices of safety and pollution, and the Social Progress Index. Not just one of the most visited countries on earth, France is also a major hub for foreign learners. More than 1/4 million international student‟s flock through its gates each year, making it a top three country of choice for overseas study.

ABOUT FRANCE: A. Sixth Largest Economy B. 3rd Leading Host Country for Higher Study C. Highly Reputed for Quality Education D. Housing Allowance up to 40% to International Students by French Government E.Paris ranked as the best Student city – in 2021 -2022 by QS - 96% employer activity - Paris Voted Best Student City in the World for Fourth Consecutive Year

According to the British organization QS Top Universities, which annually publishes 25 rankings for under and post-graduate studies, Paris is also the best student city in the world. Paris came first with a total of 404/500 points this year, beating-off close competition from London, Sydney and Melbourne. One of Paris' stand-out assets compared to other capitals is the quality of life score. Paris also ranked high for attractiveness in the eyes of employers, with 96 points.

Employment, companies, and young graduates... The holy trinity is more than ever a hot topic! No less than three Medias are interested in this topic this month, in a more or less similar approach, and the various studies reach a common conclusion: young students have different expectations depending on the type of training attended, their level or country of origin, and their favorite companies are not the same... Long live diversity!

One of the six indicators used to compile the recently released QS Best Student Cities 2022 is employer activity, a measure of which cities are the most sought-after as recruitment grounds for graduate employers is Paris France. . It looks at the opinions of both domestic and international employers, who identified at least one university in the city as producing high-quality graduates.

Arguably, studying somewhere employers are looking to recruit from is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing where to apply?

Ranked eighth for employer activity and seventh overall in the Best Student Cities ranking, The City of Lights has captured the hearts of students around the world. Paris has one of the highest numbers of internationally ranked universities in the index at 12, earning it fifth place in the employment rankings indicator. Graduates accepted job offers within three months of graduating, and the city, including the surrounding Île-de-France region, accounts for 30 percent of France‟s GDP.

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