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4E Foreign Education Consultancy Services

About 4EFECS.

4E- Foreign Education Consultancy Services aka 4E-FECS is a start- up company established in the field of Education and is associated with few of the leading Foreign Education consultants to USA, UK, New Zealand, France, & Europe Universities who have placed around 11000 students so far.

Working closely with these consultants, we offer US admissions and visa guidance with 98% success in admissions and VISA. We counsel students for their higher education abroad to USA – UK – NEW ZEALAND – FRANCE – EUROPE depending on the programs for the students based on their relevant qualifications. We specialise in providing Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, Postgraduate studies & Doctorate programs. Any student aspiring to go to the United States for their higher education has to take up GRE and TOEFL examinations, if they are opting for master program and SAT and TOEFL, if they are planning for undergraduate programs. Also, getting an admission is no way an assurance of a gateway to USA. Every student has to undergo a visa interview at the US consulate available in their respective countries.GRE,TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT & SAT tests are looked upon as eligibility criteria.

USA referred to as the ‘Paradise’ for education with academic research for students’ career. We are associated with Consultants who believe in providing value oriented services and has proven track records of 98% over for the past 12 years in international student admissions and visa guidance. It is ironically difficult for students to make an appropriate choice of programs and university and this is where the professional guidance and invaluable experience of our experts guides the students to find the right choice for their career.

The United States of America is the most preferred destination of a vast majority of International Students. The unrivalled excellence and the prestige associated with an American degree are to a large extent a reason for this preference. But not all, who try for university placements in the US, are successful. The reasons may be varied. It could be the huge number of universities, sometimes confusing visa regulations, lack of proper guidance and inadequate knowledge of English. The typical hierarchy of the US education system starts from the schooling level, ranging from K1 to K2. This is followed by the under graduation programs, which are of four-year duration.

Foreign Education Consultancy Services

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